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High Efficiency Water Softener


Hard Water Costs You Money!

Hard water is a common problem caused by dissolved minerals calcium and magnesium.
Left untreated, hard water is very costly!
The minerals react adversely with heat and soap causing the formation of troublesome scale in pipes & fixtures and soap curd or ‘scum’ on skin, hair and laundry.

Effects on Water Heaters

  • Instant water heaters on hard water failed after 1.6 years
  • Gas water heaters lost 24% efficiency
  • Electric water heaters accumulate 0.4 pounds of scale for every 5 gpg of hardness.*

Soft Water Brine Tank Refill conserves capacity and keeps brine
tank clean by adding only treated soft water back into your salt

Automatic System Flush “refreshes” system with a short
backwash and rinse every seven days if water has not been used
preventing bacteria growth.

Soft Water Recharge ensures you never run out of soft water
due to unusual spikes in water usage. The system will
automatically perform a quick “recharge” restoring enough
capacity until the softener performs a full regeneration

Additional Features:

  • Large LED backlit screen continuously rotates key operational data like volume remaining
  • Simple electronics. No confusing codes!
  • NSF Certified control valve & pressure tank
  • Super-capacitor memory stores settings
  • Uses less than $2.00 electricity annually

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